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The soul of Havana arrives in the Bronx


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Danisha Lee

2 reviews
There are days when I think about being a vegetarian or going back to being a pescatarian. Then a chill runs up my spine and I remember that if I do, I wouldn^t be able to eat a Havana Caf^ steak sandwich and that changes my mind every time. It is the most delicious steak sandwich I have tasted, possibly in my entire life. It makes me want to revert to the ways of the Cave people and just eat this sandwich every second, of every hour, of every day.


Top Reviewer
The food was actually early and the delivery man came upstairs because I have a newborn and I explained that to him. The order was correct and of course Havana never disappoints with their food. It was so good!!! We ordered both of the empanadas, as well as the salmon dish with rice on the side. And they even cared that I put Im allergic to shellfish. Ill definitely order from them again.


Top Reviewer
I wasnt sure what to expect when ordering from this place, as Ive never had Cuban before. The chicken breast was, without a doubt, one of the best Ive ever had. The rice and fried plantains tasted amazing, and the stewed beans were fantastic! They really went well with the chicken. The other people in my group loved their meals as well! Absolutely worth the price!


1 review
It was my first time using grubhub and I must say it was fantastic also my first time eating this & it was gd the only thing that bothers me is the driver fee it's just to much but overall I'm a satisfied customer


Top Reviewer
Everything is Awesomeness the rice and black beans the steak just everything. The food came fast and still warm and the taste so great and fresh. Great Cuban food. Take me to Havana

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Top Reviewer
The food here is perfectly seasoned and balanced in favor. We've been to the restaurant twice but this was the first time we ordered takeout and it was just as good. We'll be back.


Top Reviewer
Wow, the food was amazing and the food was delivered sooner than said. The garlic shrimps and the chicharrones de pollo was the best.


2 reviews
Food was awesome . Tasted so good . First time ever eating from there . Defiantly going back


Top Reviewer
Steak sandwich was on point! Love this place <3


Top Reviewer
Food was on time and tasted amazing.

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With an intimate dining room, street side bar, and custom brick oven, Havana Cafe is as charming, warm and exciting as the city its named for. Chef Alex Garcias latest culinary expression takes him to the most Latino borough in the greatest city in the world ‚ The Bronx. Chef Garcia covers all the classics, and offers up some nouvelle twists like Pizza Cubana, Latin American casseroles, and the ever popular brick oven Cuban Sandwich. Order today to experience for yourself!